Gilded Pepe - Flock

Regular price $3,000.00

This new series features a collection of Aotearoa's most loved Butterflies and Moths (Pepe), from the teeny Common Blue/Pepe ao uri to our beautiful and majestic Puriri Moth

This is a numbered edition. Each set is created to order. They look quite similar but are unique. When you place your order I will make a start. Or you may be in luck and I might have one ready to ship. It can take 2-6 weeks to create a set. 

Acrylic & Gold leaf on 670gsm cotton card. These individually cut butterflies are painted, gold leafed and varnished. they look fragile but are robust. They can be shipped within NZ (and overseas by arrangement) and will arrive boxed ready to hang. Or they are mounted on a 120cm round white wooden panel. (see other images) I will install them in person where possible. 

This is a numbered series. Each edition is very similar but unique. They can be hung in a circle or a cluster/flock. Just call me or email if you have any questions or go to my Butterfly page for more info.